Vessel Crashes Into Ferry At Government Cut, Port Of Miami, Miami, FL

A recreation vessel collides with the Fisher Island ferry at Government Cut at the Port of Miami Florida. The recreational vessel immediately sunk leaving one dead, one critically injured, and blocking cruise and container ship traffic for 10 hours on Sunday. Video from Port of Miami camera syncs with VHF marine radio channel 16 and highlights key segments from 3am-4am span of time into 5 minutes of video and audio.
Shot Description

00:00 Camera angle 1 of the Fisher Island and Port Of Miami crash that shows the crash as it happened. The two Ferry’s pass by each fully lighted and can be seen for miles away while the recreational vessel is traveling at a high rate of speed at night and crashes into the Ferry.

00:41 Point of Impact, HUGE splash washes up over the Ferry as it then stops as the recreational boat moves off to the left and in front of the Ferry before sinking.

01:39 Mayday issued from Fisher Island ferry. Ferry in far distance in the Government Cut where the main channel meets the jetty.
With US Coast Guard replies to mayday.
Captain of ferry reports position.
Captain of 2nd ferry on scene reports seeing debris.
US Coast Guard and ferry captain converse on visual ID.

02:59 Emergency boat responds on camera with lights flashing.
2nd ferry captain ask if more than one accident victim and reply is only one known.

03:35 Tighter zoom on scene in Government Cut.

04:35 US Coast guard questions number of accident victims in water still.
05:08 Fireboat captain announces transport of first victim.
06:17 Fireboat announces confirmation of a 2nd victim missing in water (later found deceased.)
06:35 US Coast guard announces closure of channel and Government Cut to search for 2nd victim.

SID: Brian Dombrowski
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