Port Of Miami Shut Down, All Traffic Blocked With Stranded Cruise Ships

A vessel that sunk after a fatal collision with the Fisher Island ferry blocks cruise ships from entering the Port of Miami Florida for over 10 hours on Sunday. Three massive cruise ships carrying thousands of passengers each and two container ships were denied entry until salvage crews could locate and remove the sunken vessel from the Government Cut near buoy 18. The salvage crews were further impeded by heavy thunderstorms but eventually cleared the channel so ships could enter by mid afternoon, 10 hours behind schedule. No audio.
Shot Description

00:00 Empty cruise terminals at Port Miami on Sunday morning. Very rare sight as Sunday is the busiest day of the week for cruise ships to exchange passengers at the port.
00:08 Four scenes of cruise ships lurking offshore Miami waiting for permission to enter Port.
00:45 Three shots of crane barge positioned in Government Cut attempting to recover sunken vessel.
01:06 Four shots of heavy rain from thunderstorms hitting the Port of Miami impeding the salvage operation.
01:38 Crane barge unloading recovered sunken vessel at the Miami Beach Coast Guard base.
01:59 Six shots of cruise ships finally entering the Port of Miami to exchange passengers after being delayed by 10 hours.

SID: Brian Dombrowski
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