Feels Like Summer In April In Flushing Meadows Park, Queens, New York

The cherry blossoms were in full bloom as people headed outdoors to enjoy the summertime weather at Flushing Meadows Park in Corona neighborhood of Queens, NY.
Shot Description

0:00- Panning shot of Cherry Blossoms blooming in Flushing Meadows Park with the sun shining through.
0:09- A father and daughter enjoy ice cream cones as they sit on the grass in Flushing Meadows Park.
0:18- A man skateboards in the empty fountain in Flushing Meadows Park.
0:28- Cherry blossom pedals blow by as people enjoy the summer warmth in the park, kids riding their bicycles around the fountain.
0:55- People lining up at a food cart in Flushing Meadows Park.
1:07- A mother relaxes on the grass with her young child in Flushing Meadows Park.
1:19- A woman takes pictures of the blooming cherry blossom trees, a family enjoys ice cream cones in Flushing Meadows Park.
1:43- A young girl rides her bike in the empty fountain in Flushing Meadows Park.
1:53- Shot of the cherry blossoms blooming with the Flushing Meadows Unisphere in the background.
2:04- Various shots of people out and about enjoying the summer weather in the park.
2:26- ‘Rocket Thrower’ Statue in Flushing Meadows Park.
2:38- Kids kick a soccer ball around as an adolescent girl swings on a hammock strung between two trees in Flushing Meadows Park.
2:52- Various shots of people out and about in Flushing Meadows Park.
3:15- Shot of the Flushing Meadows Unisphere.

SID: Scott McPartland
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