Wild Flowers Super Bloom in Central Arizona

Colorful wildflower superbloom is currently taking place in Central, Arizona.
Shot Description

Shot 1: Wide Slider shot (left to right) of wildflowers and saguaro cacti.
Shot 2: Medium pan (right to left) of 100s of orange Mexican poppies and purple lupine flowers covering the desert
Shot 3: Cinematic tight slider shot (left to right) shot of wildflowers backlit by the setting sun.
Shot 4: Ultra tight shot of some wildflowers up close with colorful poppies and lupine softly out of focus in the background.
Shot 5: Wide shot of wildflowers
Shot 6: Tilt (down to up) of wildflowers
Shot 7: Upclose with Mexican poppies
Shot 8: Medium shot of cacti with poppies
Shot 9: Pan (right to left) of giant saguaro cacti with poppies and mountains in the background.
Shot 10: Tight shot of poppies closing up just before sunset with tree wood.
Shot 11: Ultra tight shot of poppies, lupine with cacti in the background
Shot 12: Colorful depth of field shot with one row of poppies in focus while others soft in front and behind.
Shot 13: Ultra tight shot of shadowed wildflowers with colorful ones behind.
Shot 14: Rack focus shot of trees to Mexican poppies.
Shot 15: Did shot of wild flowers and cacti.
Shot 16: Ultra wide shot of cacti, wild flowers with sunburst from the setting sun.

SID: Bryan Snider
#AZWX #wildflowers #desert

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