#Bombcyclone #Noreaster and Blizzard compilation footage for New England and Mid-Atlantic.
Massive destructive waves, storm surge, high destructive winds, white-out conditions, heavy crippling snow, accidents and dangerous driving conditions.

00:00 Massive destructive waves smash into seawall and homes in Scituate, Massachusetts various shots

03:58 Huge waves overtake seawall in Scituate, MA

05:54 Gargantuan waves reach over 60 feet in height, overtake seawall, and smash against homes in Scituate, MA

09:53 storm surge and coastal flooding floods and damages homes and deposits boulders in neighborhood

11:39 storm chasers escape storm surge in flooded neighborhood

13:33 hurricane force winds, power flashes, and monster waves after dark

15:10 Scituate Lighthouse and hurricane-force winds

15:20 sailboat tossed by huge waves against seawall

16:26 New York City Bus, blizzard conditions, and 34th Street

16:40 Empire State Building blizzard

16:51 NYC dump truck plow and Broadway

17:02 delivery bike and whiteout conditions

17:21 Radio City Music Hall winter storm

17:26 Times Square blizzard Manhattan

17:33 Brooklyn Bridge heavy snow

17:42 Subway above ground ‘W’ Train in Astoria Queens

17:48 NYC PD in whiteout

17:55 Yellow Cab New York City in heavy snow

18:02 Triboro Bridge, RFK Bridge looms over cars buried under deep snow Bronx, Queens, Manhattan

18:08 Tractor Trailer hanging from guard rail over cliff

18:20 car buried under deep snow Albany, NY

18:25 Storm Chaser Simon Brewer measures snow over 2 feet deep

18:49 vehicles stranded on highway from blizzard

19:55 firemen attempt to rescue stranded vehicle in blizzard

20:29 vehicles and neighborhoods buried under crippling snow

21:00 damaging icy storm surge in Lewes, Delaware

22:00 blizzard conditions, downed trees, buried neighborhoods

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SID: Simon Brewer

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