Maryland Tanker Explosion, B-roll of aftermath, Frederick, MD – 3/4/2023

Tanker truck crash on US 15 in Frederick. Tanker caught fire and exploded multiple times. Fire spread to nearby house and car. Combustant leaked into storm drain system and started fires in nearby park.
Shot Description

TC in Description
0:00:00 Firs hoses on burned tanker
00;00;09:11 Fireman hosing tanker
00;00;17;19 wide sot – stopped traffic, billowing smoke
00;00;27;06 medium shot – water hitting tanker
00;00;35;09 medium shot – tanker and burned out truck cab
00;00;41;09 medium shot – burned out car
00;00;49;03 firemen on roof of burned house
00;01;00;14 fire truck and tanker
00;01;08;11 wide shot – EMTs
00;01;17;14 medium shot – EMTs
00;01;21;02 wide – smoke billowing from storm sewer grate
00;01;27;22 pan from tanker to stopped traffic
00;01;40;14 wide – water spraying on tanker, fire vehicle foreground
00;01;53;29 wide – burned house
00;02;02;14 wide – highway, road signs, fire truck, tanker and foam in background
00;02;11;01 firemen walking away from burned car

SID: Warren Morningstar
#MDWX #Explosion #FuelSpill #FuelTanker #Accident #pollution

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