Fuel Tanker Accident and Explosion, Frederick, MD w/Flames Coming Out Of Sewer – 3/4/2023

Semi Truck Fuel tanker crash with explosion along US15 in Frederick, Maryland. Apparently from initial reports this is a vehicle vs fuel truck that has exploded and is creating an environmental hazardous situation at the scene with the spilled fuel and the risk of exploding and damaging the surrounding neighborhood.

Shot Description

0-36 big flame firetruck drives by w/ siren

37-49 big flames medium shot

50-1:15 fire scene dynamic

1:15-1:20 fire vehicle drives by smoke out of manhole

1:30-1:30 fire scene

1:30-2:21 firefighters battle flames

2:22-2:26 fire trucks arriving

2:27-2:36 scene setter

2:37-2:44 big flame firetruck arriving

2:45-3:01 smoke out of manholes

3:01-3:21 medium shot of scene

3:22-3:32 freeway scene smoke out of sewer

3:34-3:48 fire trucks arriving

3:49-4:06 tight shot smoke out of manhole

4:07-4:12 ladder truck arrives

4:13-4:25 scene setter

4:26-4:37 wide shot of people looking on

4:37-4:53 ultra wide of scene

4:54-4:58 tight shot fire fighters

4:59-5:45 fire fighters battle flames

5:46-5:51 wide shot of area

SID: Sierra Harrop
#MDWX #Explosion #FuelSpill #FuelTanker #Accident #pollution

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