Winter Storm Winds Ramp Up Across The Southern Twin Cities Metro Overnight

Winds begin to ramp up as the second day of the winter storm comes to an end. Winds were sustained around 20-25 mph, gusting to 35-40 mph at times causing reduced visibility from the blowing and drifting snow. The following clips were captured across mostly the southern Twin Cities, including Burnsville and Lakeville, Minnesota, showing as the winds begin to ramp up across the region.
Shot Description

00:00-00:06 medium shot of strong winds whipping three flags at the Uponor business in Lakeville, MN, as snow blows off the building into the parking lot below.

00:06-00:12 close up of three flags whipping in the strong winds

00:12-00:19 wide shot of strong wings at a business in Lakeville, MN, with flags whipping and snow coming off the building

00:19-00:26 close up of heavy blowing snow coming off building into parking below covering cars.

00:26-00:31 Medium shot of blowing snow coming off business onto vehicles below.

00:30-00:38 Wide shot of strong winds at Uponor business in Lakeville with snow blowing off the top of the building and flags whipping in the wind.

00:38-00:52 multiple medium shots from the side of Uponor’s business of blowing snow.

00:52-01:05 Medium and close shot of a car that lost control on northbound I-35E and went off the road, and crashed into a wall.

01:05-01:14 “Winter Storm Warning” sign over Southbound I-35 in Burnsville, Minnesota, as the semi is driving under the sign and snow is blowing.

01:14-01:23 Clips driving toward a roundabout with another vehicle going to exit the roundabout. Wind can be seen blowing and drifting as a vehicle drives through snow drifts.

01:23-01:29 Video from a rest area just south of Lakeville, MN, along I-35 southbound of trucks stopping and waiting out the storm as snow is blowing and drifting around them.

01:29-01:37 Video of a truck driving along the side of the road slowly with hazards on trying to handle the blowing and drifting snow.

SID: Will Wight
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