Major Winter Storm, Barron County, WI – 2/22/2023

Major winter storm is slamming the area. This is phase two of the winter storm. Phase two is bring us heavy snow and strong winds. The winds are causing blowing and drifting snow across the area. Some of this video was shot in the city of Rice Lake, while other parts were shot out in the country.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Blowing snow causing near whiteout conditions at times.
Clip 2. Wide shot of snow blowing of the car wash roof.
Clip 3. A different shot of the blowing snow causing near whiteout conditions by the car wash.
Clip 4. A closer shot of the snow blowing off the car wash’s roof.
Clip 5. Snow blowing off the roofs in town.
Clip 6. A close up shot of the blowing snow on main street in Rice Lake.
Clip 7. A flag blowing in the wind with snow.
Clip 8. Blowing snow with whiteout conditions until I turned off that road.
Clip 9. Dash cam shot of snow drifts stretching across the road out in the country.
Clip 10- 12. Dash cam shot of a nearly impassable road.
Clip 13. Blowing and drifting snow.
Clip 14. A store employee gathering up the shopping charts in the snow.

SID: Dirk Miller
#WIWX #winterstorm

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