Major Winter Storm Hammers North Dakota With Blizzard Conditions – 12/15/2022

A second round of heavy snow accompanied by strong winds hit Fargo, ND, today which has once again closed Interstates 29 and 94 due to the extremely dangerous whiteout conditions. A winter storm warning is ongoing here and a blizzard warning is encompassing almost the entire state. Video shows near whiteout conditions with heavy snow falling while crews are out trying to keep the roads clear, vehicles getting stuck with tows in progress, tough travel in the blinding snow along I-29 and I-94.

Shot Description

1) Interstate 29 traffic comes to an abrupt stop in whiteout snowfall conditions
2) Snow pusher cleaning the heavy, wet snow on a business lot
3) Good Samaritan attempting to rescue a stuck pickup
4) City of Fargo plows
5) Tow truck and stuck pickup on I-29 frontage road south of Fargo
6) DOT plows on I-29 frontage road
7) I-94 with near white out conditions
8) I-94
9) I-29 traffic merging onto I-94 in heavy snow
10) Snow pusher

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