Blue Ridge, AL Tornado Damage – 11/30/2022

Elmore County / Blue Ridge, AL Drone Footage of Devastating Tornado Damage
Shot Description

00:00 Trees toppled on residential home
00:11 Linemen working on power lines with homes damaged in background
00:20 Trees flattened across hillside and up against homes
00:34 Residential neighborhood with trees uprooted
00:41 Circling around homes damaged and power crews working
00:58 Large trees uprooted and laying across roadway
01:05 Trees uprooted in front yard and homes damaged
01:15 Flyover with power crews working and damage below
01:25 Steady shot of trees laying on home
01:32 Steady shot of trees uprooted with trailer damaged
01:41 Flying away shot with crews working on clearing debris and fixing powerlines
01:54 Steady shot of multiple trees laying on home
02:02 Zoom in of multiple trees uprooted
02:09 Flyover with trees across roadway and homes damaged
02:23 Steady shot of trees laying on roof of home
02:30 Trees damaging home
02:38 Circle out of trees laying across roof of home
02:46 Flyover of trees completed destroyed
03:07 Circling shot of Trees uprooted and snapped off
03:20 Flyover of Tornado path leveling trees and crossing roadway and going up a hill

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