Wetumpka, Alabama Tornado Aftermath Drone Part 2 – 11/30/2022

Aftermath footage from the Tornado that hit the town of Wetumpka. Video shows multiple destroyed buildings, tree’s on vehicles and even footage of a cemetery that was heavily damaged with snapped off tree’s over graves.
Shot Description

00:00 – Flyover of the destroyed community center.
01:05 – Destroyed mobile home with a tree cutting it almost in half.
01:25 – Smashed vehicle under a tree.
01:31 – Destroyed home with debris everywhere.
01:59 – Tree on a mobile home after it snapped off.
02:26 – Damaged roof on several buildings.
02:31 – Looking down a road with debris covering both sides of the road and debris on top of the power lines and power poles.
03:40 – Flying over several damaged homes.
04:40 – Flying over a cemetery with numerous trees snapped off and covering grave sites.
04:18 – Flying over damaged home.
04:30 – Smashed Cutlass Supreme from the Mid 80s under a tree.
04:37 – More damaged building fly overs.

SID: Michael Gordon

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