Winter Storm Warning Minneapolis and Champlin MN- 11/29/2022

A Significant Winter Storm brings several inches of snow, warnings, slippery roads and a traffic nightmare to the metro area of Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Shot Description

00:00 – 00:07 Winter Storm Warning sign and a pickup truck sliding on the interstate
00:07 – 00:13 Motor Vehicle Accident, fender bender at the stoplights
00:13 – 00:22 Slow traffic backup during morning commute on Hwy 610 in Brooklyn Center
00:22 – 00:34 Ambulance races through traffic on I-94 at the traffic tunnel in Minneapolis
00:34 – 00:43 Snow Plows clearing roads in Brooklyn Center on Hwy 252
00:43 – 00:55 Post accident scene with 2 vehicles on shoulder of I-94 in Minneapolis
00:55 – 01:03 School bus fishtails on slick roads after turning corner in South Minneapolis
01:03 – 01:13 Car stalled at center median on I-94 in Minneapolis
01:13 – 01:27 Woman jogging and dogwalkers with almost 20 dogs walking in winter storm at Lake Harriet in Minnesota
01:27 – 01:36 Snow plow clearing sidewalk in South Minneapolis
01:36 – 01:42 Car and person on bicycle near Lake Harriet in Minneapolis
01:42 – 01:53 Windshield getting hit with chunks of slush and ice on I-94 in Minneapolis
01:53 – 02:09 Deep snow accumulating and woman shoveling driveway in neighborhood near Mississippi river in Champlin MN
02:09 – 02:16 Kids walking in the snow and sliding around
02:16 – 02:24 Adults crossing the street at red light in South Minneapolis
02:24 – 02:33 Snow falling on a Christmas yard display in Champlin MN
02:33 – 02:39 Winter Storm Warning sign on I-94 in Minneapolis MN
02:39 – 02:50 Dog in snow decides to turn around and go back inside in Champlin MN


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