Rice Lake, WI Winter Snow Scenes – 11-29/2022

This video package is the beautiful side on the winter storm. This winter storm gave Rice Lake, Wisconsin seven inches of snow.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Snow covered trees with snow falling.
Clip 2. About 6 inches of snow covering the grills.
Clip 3. A car buried under the snow.
Clip 4-5. Snow on the backs of geese on the Red Cedar river.
Clip 6. Snow on the back of the swans.
Clip 7. Snow covered dock on Red Cedar river with swans in the background.
Clip 8. Snow covering the trash bin and mailboxes.
Clip 9. Up to down pan of snow covered pine branches.
Clip 10. Zooming out of the snow on the pine needles.
Clip 11. Snow and remaining fall colors on an oak tree.
Clip 12. Wide shot of a snow covered pine tree with fog and snow.
Clip 13. Weeds getting snow covered with ice forming on the water.
Clip 14. Looking west at a snow covered road.
Clip 15. Looking east at the same snow covered road.

SID: Dirk Miller
#wiwx #Winterstorm #snowstorm

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