Hurricane Ian Recovery Cleanup, Naples, FL – 11/4/2022

Recovery efforts continue over a month after Hurricane Ian made landfall on the west coast of Florida. Various shots of damage still visible as well as recovery and rebuilding efforts still ongoing in and around Naples, FL.
Shot Description

0:00- Construction worker removing large amounts of sand from a residential home on Naples Beach, FL.
0:36- Large dumpster bag filled with water logged personal belongings with a sign on the bottom reading ‘fix home now’.
0:46- A residential condo on the first floor is gutted by storm surge from Hurricane Ian on Gulf Shore Blvd in Naples, FL.
0:56- Construction workers work on repairing masonary at a residential condo on Gulf Shore Blvd in Naples, FL.
1:25- View of a power pole and dock damaged by storm surge during Hurricane Ian on Naples Beach, FL.
1:36- Various shots of Naples Pier, portions of which were totally destroyed by Hurricane Ian’s storm surge.
2:17- View of a sign that caution’s swimmers on Naples Beach, FL.
2:25- Various shots of water logged personal belongings piled outside residential homes along Gulf Shores Blvd in Naples Beach, FL.

SID: Scott McPartland
#hurricane #hurricaneian #florida

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