Paris, TX Tornado Aftermath, Repair Crews And Debris – 11/6/2022

Lamar County / Paris, TX Destructive Tornado Aftermath
Shot Description

00:00 Tornado Damage and debris scattered off roadway with trees debarked
00:11 Piles of debris and residential building materials
00:24 Tree snapped off with piles of debris and vehicles with extensive damage in the background
00:39 Trees uprooted and snapped off lying on top of mud and debris in backyard of home
00:49 Power pole laying in front yard of home with the roof ripped clean off
00:58 Crews working diligently to cover roof of home with large tarps after extensive damage
01:08 Fancy horse trailer damaged after rolling multiple times
01:16 Tandem axle trailer thrown way out into field of tall grass
01:25 View from a distance as trees are snapped in a creek bottom as well as an arena in the background is destroyed
01:34 Mature trees snapped half way up laying in a stream bed
01:42 Trees broke with roofing metal wrapped around limbs with areana in background heavily damaged
01:52 Trees and debris blocking entrance into arena area
02:00 Metal scattered across pasture with people in background cleaning up
02:08 Residents cleaning up and fixing fences to ensure there is no where for cattle to escape
02:16 (3 Clips) Texas Task Force Search and Rescue coming up with a plan of action
02:43 Family gets off side by side and starts picking up debris across a field
02:56 Power crews out working to restore power across Paris, Texas
03:05 Utility Personnel/Linemen in the buckets of their trucks restoring power to the area
03:20 Roof from well constructed residential home lying in front yard
03:30 Roof blown across roadway lying in the grass
03:39 (2 Clips) Family home with only the walls left standing
03:57 (2 Clips) Residents helping remove what is left of their home near Paris, TX
04:17 Livestock roaming fields after devastating tornado that damaged buildings in background
04:27 2022 Chevy Silverado Texas Edition thrown into piles of trees and debris
04:41 Residential home completely destroyed and debris scattered across front yard
04:53 Family assessing damage to their home as the roof and trees around it are gone
05:03 Large trees uprooted off roadway with a family home in the background is demolished
05:15 Family talking and assessing the damage of their destroyed home
05:25 Driving by the Texas Task Force Search and Rescue teams near Paris, TX
05:47 Driving down a roadway that was blocked but is now passable with trees and debris piled on sides with metal material wrapped around tree limbs

SID: Joe Idler

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