First Heavy Snow Fall – Rice Lake, WI – 10/14/2022

Residents of Barron County woke up to a snow covered ground with heavy snow still falling. The snow accumulated to an inch of the time of this video. The snow wasn’t sticking to the roads or sidewalks.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Heavy snow falling with snow covered vehicles.
Clip 2. Snow covered grass.
Clip 3. Snow covered trucks.
Clip 4. Someone jogging in the snow.
Clip 5. Heavy snow falling in the city of Rice Lake.
Clip 6. Snow covered cars on main street in Rice Lake.
Clip 7. Heavy snow with some fall color.
Clip 8. A closeup shot of the fall color tree.
Clip 9. A closeup shot of a different tree with fall snow covered fall color leaf’s.
Clip 10. Snow covered pumpkins with snow falling.
Clip 11. A closer shot of the snow covered pumpkins.
Clip 12. A snow covered cornfield.
Clip 13. A closeup a corncob covered in snow.
Clip 14. A fire hydrant getting covered with snow.
Clip 15-16. Some fall colors with snow falling.
Clip 17. A stoplight with snow sticking to it.
Clip 18. A bank temp of 31 degrees.
Clip 19. Heavy snow falling.

SID: Dirk Miller
#Winter #Weather #Snow #WIWX

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