Minnesota River Valley Drought and Fall Colors Footage

Severe drought and beautiful colors on fall foliage, with two examples of flood versus drought conditions in two locations, in the Minnesota River Valley – Shakopee and Mankato, Minnesota.
Shot Description

0:00 – Completely dry boat landing on the Minnesota River at Mankato. Entire ramp is dry and most of the area surrounding it. Water is barely running and many feet below average level.
0:25 – Bottom of same ramp – Sand bars on river bed – Looking upstream
0:38 – Bottom of same ramp – Sand bars on river bed – Looking downstream
0:53 – Minnesota River run almost dry at Mankato, large driftwood and sand bars, with fall colors in background.
1:02 – Large pond completely dry at Shakopee, Minnesota.
1:20 – Small dock out of water because of drought conditions at Shakopee, Minnesota.
1:35 – Docks resting on Lake O’Dowd lake bed in Shakopee, Minnesota, because of drought conditions. (Lake is about 2 feet below normal levels)
1:43 – 2 people fishing on a floating pier that is resting mostly on lake bed because of drought on Thole Lake in Shakopee, Minnesota. (Next to O’dowd Lake – Also about 2 feet below normal levels)
1:48 – Same, wide view to tight shot of it resting on lake bed.
2:08 – Sand Creek waterfall run almost completely dry in Jordan, Minnesota, above view.
2:32 – Same, above view looking downstream.
2:45 – Same, below view looking at falls. People fishing.
3:02 – Sand Creek waterfall comparison October 2, 2022, in drought to June 19, 2014, in flooding, bottom view.
3:13 – Same, top view.
3:27 – Minnesota River Valley at Shakopee MN101 crossing with dry marsh and pond bed in drought with record flood levels sign in foreground. Wide to close zoom.
4:00 – Minnesota River Valley at Shakopee MN101 crossing comparison between March 25, 2019, flooding to October 2, 2022, severe drought side-by-side with record flood level sign.
4:11 – Combining soybeans at Meyer Farms in New Prague, Minnesota, with extremely dusty conditions from drought.
4:21 – Same, wide view with 2 combines.
4:30 – Same, looking at dust from combines hindering visibility on road.
4:39 – Same, with sun setting and cars with headlights on and combine operating in background.
4:48 – Driving in Minnesota River Valley near Mankato, Minnesota with beautiful fall foliage.
5:18 – Ames Farms in Jordan, Minnesota, unharvested soybean field with fall colors, white long fences and barn in background.
5:22 – Large pumpkin patch and picking pumpkins in Jordan, Minnesota.
5:37 – Street scenes of fall colors in New Prague, Minnesota.
5:57 – Intense fall colors in Prior Lake, Minnesota.
6:19 – Fall colors behind the historic 1868 Schutz & Hilgers Brewery in Jordan, Minnesota.

SID: Jarrod Schoenecker

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