Hurricane Ian Intense Winds Race Over Punta Gorda, FL – 9/28/2022

Hurricane Ian devastated parts of southwest FL, including Punta Gorda, where violent winds and whiteout conditions caused widespread damage.
Shot Description

SHOT 1: Violent winds topple a tree in a parking lot.
SHOT 2: Violent winds and whiteout conditions with trees.
SHOT 3 & 4: Strong winds in the eyewall blow large debris down the street in Punta Gorda.
SHOT 5: Whiteout conditions during the western eyewall of Hurrican Ian.
SHOT 6: Intense winds blow down the street in front of the Punta Gorda municipal building.
SHOT 7: Crazy swirling winds in a street level walkway.
SHOT 8: Whiteout conditions during the western eyewall.
SHOT 9 & 10: Intense winds rock a street sign.
SHOT 11: Violent winds and rain blow past a park and intersection.
SHOT 12: A partially collapsed building under construction in Punta Gorda, caused by high winds.
SHOT 13: Zoom shot of palm trees being rocked by the strong winds.

SID: David Lewison
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