Hurricane Ian after dark storm damage in Vamo, FL – 9/28/2022

Ian continues to affect SW parts of Sarasota County Florida even after night fall while many are without power. IR night vision video shows heavy wind driven rain buffeting the camera, palms trees, and damage to trees, power poles, and wooden fences.
Shot Description

1) Mailbox and wind driven rain.
2) Palm in wind driven rain.
3) Street light in wind driven rain (property on generator)
4) Power pole down in Livingstone St.
5,6) Large tree branches down in Vamo Livingstone St.
7) Traveling shot showing wooded privacy fence obliterated by Ian’s high winds.
8) White marina gate with marquis sign ripped off posts.
9) Traveling rear looking shot of rain flood road.

SID: Brian Dombrowski

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