Major Snow Storm Drops 19 Inches Of Snow In Palmer Lake, CO – 5/21/2022

A major late-season winter storm slammed Colorado overnight dropping over 19 inches of snow on May 21, 2022 in Palmer Lake, Colo.
Shot Description

00:00 – Tight shot of Jeep in ditch with very deep snow with people digging it out.

00:10 – Tight shot of Jeep in ditch with very deep snow, people with tow straps.

00:18 – Mid shot of broken branches on car from heavy snow.

00:29 – Tight shot of broken branches with leaves on car from heavy snow.

00:36 – Mid shot of nearly 19 inches of snow covering cars.

00:48 – Shot of SUV covered in over 19 inches of snow.

01:00 – Man digging Subaru out of snow in driveway.

01:18 – Mid shot of man scraping snow off of trees to reduce risk of branches breaking.

01:27 – Tight shot of man scraping snow off trees while in snow up to knees.

01:40 – DRONE: Descending drone shot over snow covered landscape revealing pond reflections.

02:02 – DRONE: Descending and Ascending orbit around snow covered tree revealing mountain landscape blanketed in snow.

03:27 – DRONE: Flyover of snow covered neighborhood with tree branch below breaking under weight of snow.

03:47 – DRONE: Zoomed in to highlight tree branch breaking below during flyover of snow covered neighborhood.

04:00 – DRONE: Orbit of plow clearing parking lot.

04:21 – DRONE: Sideways sweep of snow covered trees reflecting in pond.

04:34 – INTERVIEW: Dave Roche, resident, wide shot talking about snowstorm, introduction.

04:53 – INTERVIEW: Dave Roche, speaks about garden planting and snow potentially killing plant.

05:03 – INTERVIEW: Dave Roche, speaks about how memorable the snowstorm will be.

05:17 – INTERVIEW: Dave Roche, speaks about scraping snow off trees.

05:29 – INTERVIEW: Ron Larson, resident, introduction “We had a heck of a snow.”

05:44 – INTERVIEW: Ron Larson, “I looked out the window and went wow” snowfall reaction.

05:56 – INTERVIEW: Ron Larson, talks about drought prior to snowstorm, like the snowstorm was trying to catch up on snowfall.

06:12 – Deer eating leaves off of broken branch on car.

SID: Trevor Cokley
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