Boulder, CO Winter Storm – 5/20/2022

May 20 Colorado snowstorm – coverage near and in Boulder, Colorado
Shot Description

Clip 1 – Five snowplows in formation on Eastbound Hwy 36 in Superior with DOT sign, 8:30pm.
Clip 2&3 – Flowers in the snow.
Clip 4 – Westbound Hwy 36 between Superior and Boulder around 6pm – whiteout/foggy conditions (should be a complete mountain vista in front of me).
Clip 5 – red lights flashing in Boulder at Arapahoe and Folsom (I ended up including this because there were red lights flashing all over town… not sure why).
Clip 6 – Canyon Ave Eastbound, just outside of Boulder limits – starting to accumulate/ice over, 7:30pm.
Clip 7 – 9th Ave Northbound in Boulder – tree hanging into road, 7:30pm.
Clip 8 – Mapleton Ave in Boulder btw 6th & 8th Ave – trees hanging into road & over cars, 7:30pm.
Clip 9 – Five snowplows in formation on Eastbound Hwy 36 at McCaslin Blvd, 8:30pm.

SID: Jennifer Walton
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