Long Track Tornadic Supercell Hits Iowa – 3/5/2022

Multiple tornadoes, damage, and hail from long-track, destructive, tornadic supercell in Central Iowa.

All footage shot in/near Corning, Creston, Winterset, and Avon, IA from a single, long-track tornadic supercell during afternoon daylight on March 5, 2022 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.
Shot Description

1 & 2. Rapidly rotating wall cloud prior to tornado formation near Corning, IA

3 & 4. rope tornado near Corning, IA

5 & 6. cone-shaped tornado near Creston, IA

7. heavily damaged vehicle from big tornado in Winterset, IA

8. damage and damaged vehicles on highway from big tornado in Avon, IA

9 & 10. heavy rain and hail from tornadic storm near Creston, IA

SID: Simon Brewer
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