Bayou George, FL Wildfire – 3/5/2022

Adkins Avenue Fire blows containment lines and causes more evacuations near Panama City, FL
Shot Description

00:00 Family of Evacuees walking down the road with their belongings
00:15 Wildfire with very large flames tearing across road
00:53 Pickup truck battling the flames and smoke to remove a trailer full of fuel and oil in the path of the fire
01:34 (2 Clips) Smoke exploding from the high winds caused this afternoon fueling the wildfire
02:01 Bulldozers traveling down road to build fire lines
02:14 Large flames scorch the trees near roadway
02:31 Trailer parked in the path of the wildfire
02:41 Plumes of smoking rising high into the air
02:50 Flames tearing through underbrush
03:06 (3 Clips) Large flames destroying everything in its path in very heavy smoke with sun shining through
03:36 Southside of fire pushing westward as winds switched
03:43 Smoke overhead moving at high speeds caused by very high winds
04:01 Hurricane Michael leftover vegetation burning
04:11 Thick smoke with large flames in background
04:20 Group of fire fighters talking in very low visibility smoke filled area near fire
04:28 Plumes of smoke billowing from high winds
04:36 Tall flames tear through pine trees
04:43 Fire fighters protecting large transmission lines near Transmitter Rd
04:54 Nothing left in the path of this wildfire leaving everything black and very few things standing
05:03 High winds spark fire near roadway

SID: Michael Gordon

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