Night Drone Footage Of Panama City, FL Large Wildfire – 3/4/2022

Drone Footage of Dangerous Wildfire causing Mandatory Evacuations near Panama City, FL.
Shot Description

00:00 Wildfire tearing through debris leftover from Hurricane Michael
00:20 Overhead shot of the flames and hotspots within the wildfire near Panama City, FL
00:53 View of the fire from above with Panama City, FL city lights in the skyline
01:30 Flying the drone directly into the wildfire from above
02:05 Emergency Personnel staged throughout the subdivision near Country Lake Rd in just outside Panama City, FL
02:15 Forestry and fire crews all over the road near the wildfire discussing there next moves
02:23 Fire crews protecting a structure threatened by the wildfire
02:31 Group of Emergency Personnel discussing on the roadway near the fire
02:46 Roadway near fire lit up by emergency personnel
03:01 Emergency crews staged in neighborhood in preparation for wildfire
03:13 Bulldozers parked and operates getting out with emergency personnel in background
03:40 Overhead shot of the flames from the wildfire
03:49 Bulldozer traveling towards wildfire on little road

SID: Michael Gordon
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