Freezing Rain Brings Icy Conditions to Twin Cities – 3/5/2022

Moderate to at times heavy freezing rain overnight brought slick and icy conditions across the Twin Cities metro the morning of March 5, 2022. Trees were covered in ice, sidewalks were slick, and driveways were glazed in ice.
Shot Description

00:00 Video of visible ice covering the sidewalks from close-up and medium views.
00:29 Close and far shows of trees backlit with ice on the branches.
00:44 Close-up and medium shots of ice build-up on a tree branch.
01:14 Zooming-out shot of ice-covered tree backlit by light.
01:24 Close up of ice-covered branch and leaves.
01:31 Shots of a ice-covered driveway and parking lot with trees lit up with ice-covered branches in the background.

SID: Will Wight

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