Jack Knifes And Crashes, Winter Storm – Kansas City, MO 2/17/2022

Video from highway cameras showing numerous road-blocking accidents from winter storm conditions on Kansas City Missouri area interstate highways. I-29, I-35, I-670, I-435. Semi-tractor trailers getting stuck on interstates, blocking traffic, getting towed out in heavy snow. Includes both real-time and time-lapsed footage.
Shot Description

1) Semi-truck taking I-635 ramp off I-29 gets stuck on a ridge of snow sitting the ramp with heavy snow coming down.
2,3,4,5) Five shots of a semi-truck that went off the road into the median ditch being rigged up and towed out heavy tow truck team.
6) Higher speed time-lapse of the previous towing out scene speeding up 6.5 min to 30 sec.
7,8,9,10) Four shots of several stuck semi-trucks blocking traffic I-35 at I-435 and being assisted by towing trucks.
11) Stuck semi-truck is assisted by police vehicle.
12) Time-lapse of heavy slow moving traffic and towing of semi-truck on I-35 in heavy snow.
13) Semi-trucks crawling on snow covered I-435.
14) Traffic crawling up snow-clogged I-635 ramp off I-29 in heavy falling snow.
15) I-70 covered in snow and public safety truck with lighted sign at fork.
16) Trucks on snow covered I-670.
17) EMS vehicle at ramp on snow covered I-29.
18) Snow covered I-435.

SID: KC-Scout

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