Numerous Jack Knifed Semi and Pileup Crashes, Champaign IL – 2/2/2022

Multiple pileups and accidents shut down sections of I-74 around Champaign, IL during a powerful winter storm.

All footage shot during evening daylight on February 2, 2022 in/near Champaign, IL by Meteorologist Simon Brewer.

Shot Description

1. Amazon Tractor Trailer jack-knifed in ditch on I-74 near Champaign, IL

2-4. various shots of wrecked tractor trailer teetering on steep hill next to bridge near Champaign, IL

5-12. various shots of 2 pileups, which closed sections of I-74 near Champaign, IL with multiple accidents

13-25. various shots of multiple vehicles stuck/stranded after sliding off I-74 near Champaign, IL

26-32. various shots of people pushing cars and stuck vehicles in/near Champaign, IL

33-35. shots of snow-covered trees in Champaign, IL

SID: Simon Brewer

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