Fargo, ND Winter Blizzard Creates Treacherous Travel – 1/5/2022

A blizzard warned winter storm created treacherous travel in Fargo, ND, this morning. Strong north winds and fresh snow made travel extra difficult on the north side of the city near Hector International Airport. This video includes extreme whiteout conditions with a stuck vehicle adjacent to the airport, a head on collision scene with first responders, and scenes from the airport terminal entrance.
Shot Description

1) A Fargo police officer with emergency lights on protecting a stuck vehicle on 19th Ave N in Fargo, ND. The following shots show travel conditions along 19th ave and other angles of the incident. 19th Ave N is directly adjacent to the airport runways and would close soon after.

2) Hector International Airport scenes from the terminal entrance and the road conditions driving away from the terminal.

3) A head-on two vehicle accident on Main Ave and 43rd St in Fargo. Emergency first responders on scene, unknown if any injuries.

4) 40th Ave N on the north side of the airport and general traffic on Interstate 29.

SID: Jason Bednar
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