Blizzard Creates Extremely Difficult Travel, Fargo, ND – 1/4/2022

A blizzard warning went into effect in the Red River Valley of ND/MN this evening at 6 PM central. Widespread snow and strong winds created visibility issues and extremely difficult travel conditions for motorists along Interstate 29. Multiple vehicles including a semi drove into the center median ditch due to the poor visibility. Wind chills were around -10F creating an even more dangerous situation for stranded motorists.
Shot Description

1) A semi and car stuck in the center median of Interstate 29 just north of Fargo, ND.

2) Traffic came to a halt as drivers approached another stuck vehicle on I-29

3) Winds send blowing snow over the overpass with and I-29 sign visible

4) NDDOT plow clearing the Interstate

5) Reverse shot of the semi and vehicle in the median

6) Slow travel along I-29, most motorists stuck in convoys to aid their vision

7) Low visibility inside the city limits of Fargo on I-29

8) City of Fargo plows start their rounds of clearing snow along emergency routes

9) NDDOT plow entering I-29

10) Gas pump motorist walking in wind driven snow

SID: Jason Bednar

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