Fargo, ND Near Blizzard Conditions – 12/26/2021

Winter Storm in North Dakota, leading to numerous road closures and flight cancellations and delays on the busy holiday weekend with people trying to get home. Shot in and around Fargo, ND
Shot Description

Clip 1: I-29 Road closed sign
Clip 2: I-94 Road Closed at Fargo sign
Clip 3: I-29 Road Closed from South Dakota to Fargo
Clip 4: I-29, South of Fargo, just before it was closed. Interstate is totally covered, cannot see the road, and whiteout conditions.
Clip 5: Travelers leaving Fargo International Airport
Clip 6: Snow removal at Fargo International Airport.
Clip 7: I-29 Road Conditions with Road Closed sign
Clip 8: 52nd Ave in Fargo with whiteout conditions
Clip 9: I-29 through Fargo, roads totally snow covered, blowing snow.
Clip 10: Following snow plow onto I-29
Clip 11: Snowplow on I-29 with lots of blowing snow
Clip 12: More Snowplow action
Clip 13: Car in ditch in West Fargo, along I-94
Clip 14: Snowplows in Minnesota along I-94.

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