Winter Returns to Rice Lake, WI – 12/5/2021

Strong winter storm is effecting northwestern WI. Here is Rice Lake WI. We picked up around 4 inches of snow. The wind is what is causing problem around here. Winds gusting up to 32 MPH is causing blowing and drifting snow. This video package will highlight the blowing snow.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Heavy snow falling.
Clip 2. Swans on the river with snow falling.
Clips 3-8. Shows blowing snow in different areas.
Clip 9. Barron County Sheriff’s office at a scene of an accident.
Clips 10- 12. Snow blowing off of different roofs.
Clips 13-14. Vehicle’s tires kicking up slush on main street in Rice Lake.
Clips 15-16. A snow plow plowing snow.
Clip 17. A flag blowing in the wind.
Clip 18. Bank temp of 24 degrees.

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