Heavy rain and winds hit Sarasota, FL as tornado watch goes up – 10/28/2021

Storm cells containing heavy rain and wind come ashore SW Florida in Sarasota county ahead of the strongest cold front to come through FL since last spring. Severe weather is expect as the front comes through. Heavy rain and wind buffets boats at bayfront and lashes the beach at Siesta Key public beach.
Shot Description

1) Heavy rain and wind pounds docked pontoon boat on Sarasota bay.
2) Heavy rain and wind pounds docked another pontoon boat on Sarasota bay.
3) Wind and rain whip palm tree.
4) Heavy rain on metal roof.
5) Storm cell approaching Siesta Key Beach
6) Couple walking beach in high surf as wind buffets them.
7) Heavy rain obscures life guard shacks at Siesta Key Beach.
8) Couple walks stormy beach (medium.)
9) High surf bounces swim buoy.
10) Another wider shot of rain obscured life guard shacks on Siesta Beach.
11) Beach front condos obscured in heavy rain.
12) Beach front high rise obscured in heavy rain and wind.
13) Wide shot of only people on beach walking high surf with ponding rain water on beach sand.

SID: Brian Dombrowski

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