Insane Tornado Intercepts, Kirksville & Novinger Missouri Tornadoes Episode By Tim Baker

As part of our on going series to bring you more unique content from our vast archive of footage. Here is the short movie about the tornadoes that hit Novinger and Kirksville Missouri back in 5/13/2009.

1st day Tornado Tim prepares to chase in Kansas
Wake up alarm
head out on road
Storms build
Nothing too severe
Head to hotel plan for the next day
head out from hotel on the road to Kirksville Missouri
Talks to wife on phone, chooses to drive north, first to Novinger
Tornado quickly forms and heads towards Tim’s car
Intercept 1st tornado just west of Novinger
Follow tornado to Novinger
Warning police of tornado heading into town
warn towns people of coming tornado
Film tornado was it leaves Novinger
heads to Kirksville and films tornado coming into town
Tornado hit Tornado Tim’s car head on
Ends with Tornado damage video

SID: Tim Baker

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2022 Toyota GR 86: *Hands On* At Toyota’s Headquarters – Redline: First Look

A new sports car in an SUV world is a rare thing, but both Toyota and Subaru are introducing two later this year. The 2022 #ToyotaGR86 replaces the old 86, which also replaced the old Scion FRS. It follows the same lightweight pure RWD formula as the original, but the new #GR86 is powered by an enlarged 2.4L F4 making nearly 30 more HP versus its predecessor. With the new GR badge, it promises to be the baby brother to the more expensive and more power Supra. Both the #SubaruBRZ and Toyota GR86 go on sale in the Fall of 2021.

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