Extreme Heat, Rice Lake, WI – 6/5/2021

Extreme heat has moved into northwestern Wisconsin. The high was 96 degrees in Rice Lake Wisconsin. Bank thermometers were reading 98 to 99 degrees. Whether 96 or 99 it was very hot. This video package will show people trying to stay cool. Whether on motercycles, on the water, or in the water. Most video clips you will also see the heat rising from the surface.
Shot Description

Clip 1. A bank thermometer reading 98 degrees at 3:47 PM.
Clip 2. A different bank thermometer reading 99 degrees at 3:54 PM.
Clips 3- 4. Bikers enjoying a ride on main street in Rice Lake Wisconsin.
Clips 5-7. Jet skiers having fun on the water, while trying to stay cool.
Clip 8. People enjoying a boat ride.
Clip 9. People on two different pontoon boats out for a ride.
Clip 10. People out for a ride on their pontoon boat as another boat full of people rode through the shot.
Clip 11. Someone fishing from a dock. Trying to keep cool with his feet in the water.

SID: Dirk Miller

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