Oberlin, KS Crazy Lightning and Mothership Supercell – 5/23/2021

Out of this World, extreme LP Supercell storm passes directly overhead near Oberlin Kansas! I followed this beauty East for many mile, stopping to watch it spin and spit out intense lightning bolts. At one point a wall cloud and funnel developed briefly. If this had put down a tornado, it would have been something else! This was honestly one of the most incredible supercells I’ve had the opportunity to document. And somehow I was all alone on a dirt road as this storm slowly moved right over me at the beginning. The experience was something I will never forget. I missed the tornadoes on the warm front earlier in the day, as I waited for initiation on the dryline to the south (which never happened, due to the strong CAP), but THIS storm totally made my day! My favorite of the year so far.

Looking forward to many more chases to come in 2021!

SID: Melanie Metz

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