Heavy Snow and Accidents on I35 in McPherson County, KS – 2/25/2020

A very heavy band of snow moved across central Kansas Tuesday morning dumping nearly a foot of snow in some areas and closing major interstates for a time. I-70 was briefly closed west of Salina due to all the wrecks, and a multi-vehicle crash south of Lindsborg lead to a fatality as snow cam down heavy along I-135.

Video package shot near Lindsborg along I-135 near where the fatal wreck occurred Tuesday morning Lindsborg is about 75 miles north of Wichita, Kansas.
Shot Description

Clip 1: POV driving shot passing a semi that is stuck in the median of I-135.

Clips 2-4: Various clips of stuck semi in median of I-135.

Clip 5: Wide shot of two vehicles off the side of I-135 stuck in the snow.

Clip 6-7: Two shots of white car stuck in the ditch off the side of I-135.

Clip 8-9: Shot of black-hooded car stuck in the snow off I-135.

Clip 10-12: POV driving shots following snow plow on I-135 in near white-out conditions.

Clip 13: POV driving shot behind black pickup truck with emergency flashers in very heavy snow.

Clip 14: Wide POV driving shot of near white-out along I-135.

Clip 15: K-DOT truck parked as heavy snow falls.

Clip 16-19: Various shots of very heavy snow falling in Lindsborg.

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