Winter Storm shuts down Interstate 70 at Kansas – Colorado Boarder

Snow began to fall just after 3am across the high plains as a major winter storm and blizzard moved off the Rockies. Significant snowfall and icing conditions closed numerous roads in Colorado, including I-70 from the Kansas border all the way to Denver. Icy conditions on the Kansas side of the border lead to a crash in the median of I-70 west of Goodland.
Shot Description

Scene 1: Shot of Kansas State Trooper at the scene of a jack-knifed pickup truck in the median of I-70 near Mile Marker 11, about six miles west of Goodland, Kansas.

Scene 2: Driver who was unhurt checking the damage to the passenger side of the truck where his trailer crushed the door and smashed out the windows.

Scene 3: Shot of the trailer lodged into the passenger side of the truck.

Scene 4: Wide shot of the jack-knifed truck in the median.

Scene 5: Shot of the driver standing outside his truck on his phone with the heavy damage to the passenger side of the truck.

Scene 6: Wide shot of the crash scene with the state trooper.

Scene 7-8: Shots of K-DOT highway sign warning drivers of icy and snowpacked conditions.

Scene 9-12: POV driving shots behind snowplows at various zooms as they clear I-70.

Scene 13-14: Looking down on I-70 from overpass as two snowplows clear eastbound lanes of I-70.

Scene 15: SHOT FROM BURLINGTON, COLORADO; shot of I-70 gates over the interstate as westbound I-70 was closed from here in Burlington all the way to Denver.

Scene 16-18: Various shots of gates over I-70 closed.

Scene 19-20: Traffic on westbound I-70 at Burlington driving by signs saying the interstate is closed just before sunrise.

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