Blizzard shuts down Interstate 70 in Northwest, KS – 11/26/2019

Blizzard conditions continued to hammer northwest Kansas leading to the closure of numerous highways, including I-70, US-36, US-40, and KS-27. Near whiteout conditions combined with icy roads lead to the closures. Up to a half a foot of snow has already fallen in the region with more expected through the evening.

As of 2:00pm, I-70 was closed from Colby, Kansas west all the way to Denver, Colorado.
Shot Description

Scene 1: SOT from Kansas State Trooper Austin Ackerman talking about the conditions along I-70 and why they closed it.

0:32-1:30 COLBY, KANSAS (Thomas County)

Scene 2-5: Shots of two KS State Troopers sitting at the Colby exit with the gates down.

Scene 6: Shot of traffic exiting at the Colby closure.

Scene 7: Shot of highway sign telling motorists to exit I-70.

Scene 8: Panning shot of snowplow on I-70.

Scene 9: POV driving shot of the hazardous conditions along I-70 between Levant and Colby.

1:30-3:53 GOODLAND, KANSAS (Sherman County)

Scene 10: Nearly whiteout conditions in Goodland along I-70 at the closure at exit 17.

Scene 11: Shot looking over the gate at Trooper sitting at Goodland exit.

Scene 12-13: Shots of trooper and closure gates along I-70 at Goodland.

Scene 14: Shot of trooper on I-70 in very heavy falling snow.

Scene 15-17: Traffic exiting westbound I-70 at Goodland.

Scene 18: Wide shot of I-70 closure.

Scene 19-20: Snowplows on K-27 in Goodland in very heavy snow.

Scene 21-22: Shots of traffic in near whiteout conditions along K-27 in Goodland.

Scene 23: Near whiteout conditions hiding grain elevators in Goodland.

Scene 24-25: Shots of very heavy snow falling against trees.

3:53-5:12 ST. FRANCIS, KANSAS (Cheyenne County)

Scene 26-27: Shots of K-DOT sign warning drivers that US-36 is closed west of St. Francis due to the blizzard.

Scene 28-29: Shots of the US-36 closure.

Scene 30: State trooper sitting along US-36.

Scene 31: Trooper driving into the snow, vanishing from sight.

Scene 32-33: POV driving shots along US-36 in near whiteout conditions.

Scene 34: Looking west along US-36 with near whiteout conditions.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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