Massive Hail hits Ellsworth, KS – 6/23/2019

A long-track supercell that developed just before noon in eastern Colorado ran parallel to I-70 for over 250 miles through the day on Sunday dumping hail as big as 2-inches south of I-70 i the town of Ellsworth, about 35 miles west/southwest of Salina. The large hail covered the ground in areas as it moved toward I-135, eventually dying very quickly after crossing the interstate near Lindsborg, about 15 miles south of Salina. Shot Description Scene 1: Hail pounding the ground in downtown Ellsworth Scene 2: Shot of intense hail falling and covering the ground in downtown Ellsworth. Scene 3: Tight shot of parking SUV getting hammered by large hail coming down. Scene 4: Black van driving away from camera as intense hail falls. Scene 5: Wide shot looking down the main drag in downtown as SUV drives by in intense hail. Scene 6: Truck at intersection as hail falls. Scene 7: Shot of hail hammering the pavement. Scene 8: Wind and hail blowing across road near railroad crossing. Scene 9: Panning shot from man sheltered under carport to the hailstorm going on outside. Scene 10: Shot over man’s shoulder as storm starts to end with hail covering the ground. Scene 11: Tight shot of hail piled up near parked SUV as storm ends. Scene 12-13: Shots of hail measured just over 2-inches with ruler. Scene 14: Very spikey hailstones on black backdrop. Scene 15: Holding three hailstones in hand over grass that has hail peppered in it. Scene 16: Parting shot as storm moves east with bright white clouds and a rainbow. Scene 17-20: Various shots prior to the storm hitting Ellsworth of the structure as the storm approached. SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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