Huge Hail Storm Hits Elbert County, CO – 6/21/2019

A slow moving tornadic supercell developed off the Colorado Front Range south of Denver and was a prolific hail producer and carried a tornado warning for over an hour as it drifted to the east toward Limon. Hail up to baseball size was reported, smashing out windshields and covering the roads.

Hail video shot in the town of Matheson about an hour northeast of Colorado Springs and the structure and cloud rotation was taken in Elbert, about 30 minutes southeast of Denver.
Shot Description

Scene 1: POV driving shot as heavy hail slams into town.

Scene 2: A woman backs up and parks to ride out the storm as hail slams into her vehicle.

Scene 3: Zoomed shot of a van parked on the side of the road riding out the intense hailstorm.

Scene 4-5: Crazy shots as wind driven hail slams into the street causing near white out conditions.

Scene 6-7: POV driving shots in wind driven hail behind semi trucks.

Scene 8-10: Shots of hail early in the storm.

Scene 11: Hail up to golfball size in hand.


Scene 12: Rotating wall cloud passing over road north of Elbert.

Scene 13-15: Various shots of rapidly rotating clouds overhead.

Scene 16-17: Wide structure shots of storm east of Elbert.
SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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