Last Chance, CO Severe Winds and Hail – 6/20/2019

Several long-track supercells developed off the Colorado Front Range and moved across the eastern half of the state into Kansas over the course of about five hours. These storms produced many reports of severe hail and wind along their multi-hundred mile track.

Video package shot just south of the town of Last Chance in Washington County, Colorado which is about 80 miles east of Denver on US-36.
Shot Description

Scene 1-2: Timelapse of the approaching supercell south of Last Chance. Two clips, each about 20 seconds long, one tight of the downdraft sweeping out from the storm and a wider shot of the cell.

Scene 3-6: Clips of CG lightning strikes from the storm.

Scene 7: Looking straight up at a small funnel spinning directly overhead.

Scene 8-9: Clips as 50-60mph winds hit chasers.

Scene 10: Shot of rain blowing across the ground.

Scene 11: Shot of two cars pulled onto the shoulder waiting out the wind-blown hail.

Scene 12: POV driving shoot as falling hail starts to cover the road.

Scene 13: Quarter-sized hail falling and splashing water from a puddle.

Scene 14-18: Various shots of falling hail.

Scene 19: Pine trees blowing in the wind.

Scene 20: Wind blown rain through tall grass.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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