Flash Flooding Inundates Wichita, KS – 6/18/2019

After severe storms battered the city with large hail, torrential rains came in after and caused flash flooding all over the city into the early evening. Flash Flood Warnings were posted for the area as many roads were impassable and some even closed down completely as vehicles were stranded in high water. Rain reports between 3-4 inches were common across the city and nearby towns as the storms moved through. Shot Description Scene 1: POV driving shot as torrential rains fall and roads start to flood. Scene 2: Wichita Police blocking off a road as rain falls. Scene 3: Road closed barricade sign as water is filling the street. Scene 4-5: Rushing water down a neighborhood street with a white SUV stuck in the rushing water. Scene 6: Wide shot of a flooded street as rain is falling. Scene 7: Oncoming car plowing through water going over its hood as a blue car reverses and backs out of the flood zone ahead of the other vehicle. Scene 8: Red van stalled in flood waters. Scene 9: Pickup truck driving through flood waters passed stalled red van. Scene 10: Semi truck plowing through flood waters. Scene 11: Panning shot from stalled gold truck to stalled red van. Scene 12: Shot of two stalled vehicles as black SUV turns thorugh flood waters. Scene 13: Oncoming traffic driving through flood waters. Scene 14: Two cars turning through flood waters. Scene 15: Two cars driving through flooded intersection. Scene 16: Traffic driving through standing water on a street. Scene 17: Silver car turning through flood waters. Scene 18: Black car driving through flood water. Scene 19-20: Black car stalled in flood waters. Scene 21-22: White van stalled out in flood waters. Scene 23: Passing traffic driving through flood waters. SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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