Lightning Strike Causes House Fire, Norman, OK – 4/28/2019

Around 1:40 PM a call came out for reports of smoke and fire showing from a house [following a lightning strike]. The fire occurred in the 2300 block of Alex Plaza Drive in Norman, Oklahoma on April 28, 2019. Upon arrival, fire crews located an area with flames above the back left corner of the garage. It is assumed the lightning bolt struck one of the metal vents and then caught the attic/roof on fire. The residents of the house were able to exit the building with no injuries. It is being reported that they can’t find one cat. Fire crews were able to respond quickly respond to the fire call, with the fire station being just down the street, allowing them to quickly extinguish the blaze. Crews remain on scene putting out hot spots and venting the home.
Shot Description

Shot 1-3: Wide and close up shots of smoke comes out of the open garage with fire trucks and emergency personnel in front of a home

Shot 4-5: Close up and wide shots of a hole in the roof where the fire was occurring from the lightning bolt

Shot 6-7: Firemen preparing to enter the home and continue to put out the fire in the home

Shot 8: Fireman taking a break and talking with the captain while fighting the house fire

Shot 9-16: A wider shot of the scene including fire trucks, fire hydrant spraying water, firemen doing busy wor

Shot 17-18: Shots of fire trucks responding to a call, lights and siren.

SID: Will Wight


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