Avengers Endgame TIME TRAVEL Explained! Timeline Breakdown (SPOILERS!)

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SPOILERS ahead! Seriously, STOP READING if you haven’t seen Endgame!

How does #AvengersEndgame change what we know about the MCU timeline, and what loose threads could be explored in Marvel Phase 4? Erik Voss goes full geek-mode to explain Endgame’s complex interpretation of quantum physics, the Quantum Realm, multiple realities, time travel, paradoxes… all that science stuff! What happened on Cap’s final mission with the Infinity Stones? What happened to Loki? What about Thanos? WHY is Gamora? The first of many deep dives into the mysteries and complexities of Avengers Endgame… which will keep us talking for years to come! Again, this breakdown discusses the movie’s story and definitely includes spoilers, so if be sure to watch Avengers Endgame before watching beyond the first 20 seconds of this breakdown!

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