Stearns County MN Winter Storm – 3/9/2019

Another winter storm hits the middle of Minnesota around the city of Saint Cloud where the heavy wet snow started to fall just after 4:00 p.m. and turning the roads to slush covered in a matter of minutes.
Shot Description

Clips 1-3 Vehicle in the ditch at Interstate 94 and Highway 15.

Clips 4-6 Snow plow on Interstate 94.

Clips 7-8 POV Snow plow coming towards the camera on Highway 15.

Clip 9 Semi truck on Interstate 94.

Clip 10 POV passing a crash on Interstate 94.

Clips 11-12 Overlooking Interstate 94 and traffic in the heavy snow.

Clip 13 Driving in the snow POV shot on Interstate 94.

Clip 14 POV snow plow on coming.

Clips 15-16 Snow falling with trees in the back ground.

SID: Doug Kiesling

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