Rice Lake, WI Heavy snow and accident – 3/9/2019

Another winter storm hits Northwestern Wisconsin this evening, as winter refuses to let go. This winter storms caused some problems on the roads this evening. This video package will mainly focus on a car accident. The end will show the heavy snow falling.
Shot Description

Clip 1-2. Wide shot of a car that lost control and ended up in a snowbank, also shows Rice Lake Police department blocking East bound traffic.
Clip 2. A close up shot of the car in the snowbank.
Clip 3. Minivan spinning it tires by the accident as it was trying to get going.
Clip4. Tow truck at the accident.
Clip 5. Tow truck operator hooking up the car.
Clip 6. Car is being pulled out of the snowbank.
Clip 7. Wide shot of heavy snow falling with snow covered trucks.
Clip 8. Close up shot of a flag with heavy snow falling.
Clip 9. Medium shot of the heavy snow falling with snow covered trucks.

SID: Dirk Miller

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