Buffalo, NY Intense Blizzard Whiteout Lake Effect Snow Band – 1/30/2019

Car and Truck collide yards in front of camera during whiteout conditions! Blizzard conditions in Buffalo NY from extremely intense lake effect snow band! Record cold arctic air moving over a much warmer Lake Erie is feeding most intense lake effect snow band in years over Buffalo. Dangerous blizzard-whiteout conditions: accidents, vehicles in ditches, extreme cold, and high winds. Also amazing Time lapse of lake effect snow band feeding over Buffalo during early morning hours!

Video ends with an amazing shot of the lake effect snow coming in off the lake from the side of the band under blue sky.

All footage shot in/near Buffalo NY during morning daylight hours on January 30, 2019 by Meteorologist Simon Brewer
Shot Description

1 & 2. Incredible timelapse of lake effect snow band feeding off Lake Erie and dumping high amounts of snow on Buffalo NY

3. Vehicles pass, then complete whiteout, and loud “CRASH” on camera (at about 30 secs into clip) then visibility gets slightly better and a truck and car are smashed into each other only yards in front of camera

4-12. various shots of accident scene: police arrive, ambulance arrives, driver with neck injury loaded into ambulance, police putting out road flares, with periodic whiteout conditions

13-15. police stop to assist car stranded in deep snow with heavy snow falling and blowing, very low visibility

16 & 17. shots of snowplows attempting to clear snow in Buffalo NY

18 & 19. traffic jam from stranded vehicle with police assistance on I-90 in Buffalo NY

20. high winds and blowing and falling snow with bending grass in Buffalo NY

21. “1 degree F” temperature reading during blizzard conditions in Buffalo NY

22. As the sun comes out, just to the edge of the LES or Lake Effect Snow band you can see a perfect text book example of the snow band coming off the lake.

SID: Simon Brewer

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