RiceLake, WI Brutal Extreme Cold -36F or -37.5C at sunrise – 1/30/2019

The extreme cold weather continues in Northwestern Wisconsin. Lows well into the 30s below zero. The extreme cold is causing furnaces to run overtime. The cold is also keeping many people at home today. The city of Rice Lake was like a ghost town this morning.
Shot Description

Clip 1. Bank temperature of 36 below zero at 8:03 this this morning.
Clip 2. A short clip of someone getting out if the cold.
Clip 3. Steam coming off Red Cedar river by the main street bridge in the city of Rice Lake.
Clip 4. Steam rising from smoke stack from a local factory.
Clip 5. Different shot of the steam and smoke stacks.
Clip 6. Closer shot of the steam and stock stacks.
Clip 7. Smoke from a chimney pipe.
Clip 8. Steam from a chimney pipe.
Clip 9. Steam from a different chimney.
Clip 10. A bird that seems to be enjoying the cold, maybe not.
Clip 11. Steam from a chimney with a few icicles on it.

SID: Dirk Miller

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