Saline County, KS Blizzard Closes Interstate 70 – 11/25/2018

An incredibly powerful winter storm brought blizzard conditions to much of Kansas on Sunday morning, shutting down I-70 in stretches are winds up to 60mph drove intense snow across the region. Whiteout conditions made travel virtually impossible as snow piled up quickly. Blizzard warnings were issued for nearly 3/4 of the state of Kansas.
Shot Description

Scene 1: K-DOT road sign warning motorists of the closure of I-70.

Scene 2: Establishing shot of a Salina highway sign.

Scene 3-4: Jack-knifed semi in the median of I-70 near Salina in intense blowing snow.

Scene 5-6: Crashed vehicle under an overpass on the interstate, barely visible in the wind-driven snow.

Scene 7: Vehicles on an exit near Salina in near-zero visibility.

Scene 8: Oncoming car driving in near-zero visibility.

Scene 9-10: Disabled vehicle on the side of the road in near-zero visibility.

Scene 11: Vehicle in a ditch near Salina.

Scene 12-16: Various shots of wind-driven snow.

Scene 17-18: POV driving snots in heavy snow.

SID: Tornadoes Kick Media

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